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For the love of all that is holy this last couple of weeks has been a nightmare. With the 15th anniversary of Outside Groove coming fast I was sort of forced into another server move. This one was to be easy as unlike the last time the hosting company wasn’t closing and leaving me high and dry, instead I was simply moving the website from one server in the company to another in order to take advantage of some  things and putting all of my websites under one roof.  They said they could move it no problem, will take 24 to 72 hours. That was January 21st.

I waited and waited, 72 hrs went by, the site was still down. I contact them and they say due to a large volume of holiday orders they are a bit slower then normal and asked me to wait, so I did. Now a week has gone by, I ask again, what is up.  I am told how sorry the are but they are trying, I need to give them permission to delete a few things and to START the process.  WTF? Start? Ok, I give permission and tell them time is of the essence I really want my site back up. They say they will get right on it.

Few days goes by, nothing changes. I contact them again and again they are so sorry and they have pushed my ticket up to management to speed it along, please be patient, blah, blah, blah. Ok, then I get a message from them, I need to pay them some more money before they can move the site as it is harder then they expected I guess. They give me a price and say I have 48 hours to confirm it and they will send an invoice and THEN they will START the migration. Holy crap, they still haven’t started it? Well they did start something as the site is unusable and offline but they haven’t started to fix it.  So one hour after being contacted, I agree to their demands, I say “send the invoice so you can finally START to fix it” and I hear nothing.  48 hours pass and nothing, not a peep, nada.  Great customer service we have here.Let's Fix This

That brings me to today.  Groundhog’s day. It seems to me I am living the same damn day over and over. ENOUGH, I grabbed this domain that I have wanted but belonged some squatter who wouldn’t part with it ( it expired a bit ago and I guess he forgot to renew) so with the 15th Anniversary coming I have decided to transform Outside Groove a bit. I am going to try to make it a more blog like website and I would love to expand coverage. It is no secret that racing in the area that OG generally covered has been on a decline and with that decline we have also seen a bit of a decline in the website ( not the visits or number of viewers but mostly in the number of contributors).

The main meat of Outside Groove for ages has been the message boards which if you have been around since the start you know that at least once those have been nuked ( The great Server Fire of 2005 I think it was ) and we had to start over.  If I cannot get the migration done, indeed we will have to start over again. I prefer not to as I love having the historic aspect of the old messages to look back on. Old friends that have moved on, passed away, or just vanished, they live in those old posts.

I am also looking for help with this so if you are a writer who wants a place to be heard or to build your resume, let’s talk. Video blogging your thing? We can do that.  Podcast? Well  maybe if you really want to. LOL. As always we encourage photographers to share their pics and websites so that others might hook up with them to purchase some photos.

Now I have a lot of work to do and the site is gong to undergo a ton of changes as we bust ass to get this pig ready for the 2016 racing season!!!

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